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Who we are

This bank is an apex institution in the co-operative sector in the state of Himachal Pradesh for providing investment finance for the development of agriculture and allied activities.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of HPSCARDB Ltd. is to create value by consistently delivering the thrift industry’s top financial performance, and by providing those who live and work in Rural areas of Himachal Pradesh with easy access to the full range of financial products and services they seek.

  • Our Vision

    We aspire to become the locally owned, independent cooperative bank of choice for farmers of Himachal Pradesh. We will combine steady growth, consistent earnings, and firm control of risk factors to provide safety for our depositors.

  • Our Values

    We as a bank want to grow and for that we have core values as Integrity and Honesty, establish caring relationship with our customer and treat them with respect.

About Our Bank

This bank is an apex institution in the co-operative sector in the state of Himachal Pradesh for providing investment finance for the development of agriculture and allied activities. The H P State Cooperative Agriculture & Rural Development Bank Ltd; was established in the State of HP and was registered as a Cooperative Society under the provisions of Himachal Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act,1956 as Himachal Pradesh Central Land Mortgage bank on 6th Feb ,1961.The working, aim , objectives and purposes of loans are defined under the HP State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank’s Act 1979,enacted to supplement the main Act i.e. HP State Cooperative Societies Act,1968

The main focus of the Bank initially had been to advance loans to the farmers for redemption of their land and to save them from the clutches of money –lenders and big land lords. With the passage of time, the bank changed its lending policies and started providing long term credit/loans for development activities. Gradually, the role and nomenclature of the Bank was changed to ‘Land Development Bank’ through an amendment in the Bank Act/Rules. On the recommendations of the National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development Bank, this bank diversified its activities and has started lending for purposes like Dairy Development, Bee Keeping, Floriculture, raising of orchards, Irrigation etc.

Bank has further diversified its activities and started lending to non-farm sector activities including Dhaba, Restaurant, Hotels, Small Scale Industries and Transportation and the name of the Bank was accordingly changed as ‘H.P. State Cooperative Agriculture & Rural Development Bank Ltd. in the year 1987. Now, the Bank has been providing loans to the agriculturist/horticulturist/artisans of the State for the purposes like Land Development, irrigation, dairy and poultry development, farm mechanization, plantation of orchards, small and cottage industries. In addition to it, Kisan Clubs are being constituted by the Bank for facilitating lending to farmers for improving their economic status. The Bank has also started advancing loans for construction/repair of houses under Rural Housing Scheme and purposes like floriculture, mushroom cultivation and medicinal plants etc.

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