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Co-operative Core Banking Solution (CCBS)

Co-operative Core Banking Solutions provide seamless interface for all the three tiers of Co-operative Bank viz. SCB (State Co-operative Bank), DCCB (District Central Co-operative Bank) and PACS (Primary Agrirculture Credit Society). This is Core Banking Solutions with web-enabled interface. Retail Banking and Head Office Module is incorporated in CCBS. It is operational in Meghalaya State Co-operative Bank, Raipur District Central Co-operative Bank etc. Interfaces with ATM, NEFT/RTGS, Point of Sale (PoS), Bank on Move (BoM) etc. is also developed for CCBS. CCBS application has been customised to meet the requirements of long term credit structure of land development bank. It caters to both State Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks (SADB) and Primary Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks (PADB).